Brenda Herrera-Moreno, Youth Program Coordinator

Brenda Herrera Moreno.Staff.jpg

Since June 2015, Brenda has supervised the growth and development of four core ACC Youth Programs. Brenda's strong international and educational background has informed much the direction of current and prospective initiatives. Brenda also Co-Chairs the Refugee & Immigrant Youth Consortium (RIYC) that brings together agencies, community groups, government offices, other non-profits and individuals that provide support and resources to refugee youth & immigrant youth in the Denver Metro area. (

Caitlin Oken, Family and School Liaison.

Caitlin Oken. Staff.jpg

As the Family & School Liaison, Caitlin's ensures newly arrived refugee youth are enrolled in the local public school districts. Her critical understanding in how refugee youth navigate and integrate in their new educational environments, make Caitlin an excellent advocate and resource for refugee parents, schools, and ACC Youth Programs. Caitlin has recently started a new program called Youth 4 Youth, that pairs newly arrived refugee youth with other refugee youth. This peer mentoring program is the first in Colorado to focus successfully focus on refugee youth.


Yazan Fattaleh, Youth College and Career Counselor

Yazan oversees two very important programs, Career Discovery and On TRAC! Two programs that are essential at preparing our student to find their path through college and adulthood.   ( 

Tuku Walio, Site Coordinator

Tuku has been with International CITY since November 2014, as the Youth Program Specialist. Now, as the Youth Program Coordinator, Tuku oversees International CITY daily programming, small teams of interns & volunteers, and outreach to students and schools. Tuku's own experiences of migration have contributed greatly to creating safe and welcoming spaces for every student she meets. (

Saha Idriss, Youth Specialist

Saad Idris Hissien, known as Saha, is the new staff member at International CITY since May 2016. Saha first came to International CITY as a student in the summer of 2013. He first arrived to Colorado in summer of 2012 from Ghana at the age of 17 with his parents, three brothers and one sister.