Refugee Stories 




After months of unemployment, Ruqiya desperately wanted to work, but was frustrated in her job search and didn’t know what else to do.  After discussing options at the African Community Center (ACC), arrangements were made for her to attend a combination of one-on-one Supplemental Employment Services (SES) appointments and Job Club to help her learn tools critical for her job search.......



Working from an auto body shop in Malaysia, Min took pride in auto body painting and restoration. He had dreams of someday opening his own business to turn around cars.

Originally from Burma, Min came to the United States in 2013. Within weeks of his arrival, he started attending African Community Center (ACC)’s Job Club and studying English at Emily Griffith School. Even during Job Club activities at ACC, Min talked about his dream of working with cars again. ......



“I have friends in security and other jobs like that who did not give me a lot of motivation.  They said I would not be able to get a job in engineering because of my name, because of American ideas of my accent.  Every day I made 50 applications and thanks for God, I made it.”.........