Home Sweet Home: The Barihenda Family

Louis and Hilarie arrived from Burundi in October 2014 with their 7 children. Due to expensive rent prices and challenges finding a space large enough, this family of 9 started out living in 2 separate apartments on two different floors. After 2 years of hard work saving money, building credit, and maintaining stable employment, they started discussing with their ACC case manager the possibility of purchasing a home to fit everyone. Their hard work at the hospital and overtime at a pet health company enabled them to bring their family under one roof.


In the meantime, their children have also been hard at work. One of their children graduated from New American High School last spring and is preparing to start college, and another one of their sons completed a Youth Corps Program in Utah last year.


We’re excited to hear more updates on how the Barihenda family is adjusting to their new home and the continuing success of their children.

HIgh rent prices in the Denver Metro area pose several problems for our refugee community members like Louis and HIlarie. Can you help out a family in need by giving just $10 a month to offset some of these initial expenses?