Women's First Aid Class

In response to needs expressed by refugee community members, ACC launched, a women's health group in March. In April, the group focused on basic first aid skills using material from the American Heart Association's Heartsaver course.

 Women learned the basics of responding to an emergency, such as checking the scene for safety and contacting emergency services. It is essential that community members learn how to call 911, ask for an interpreter, and provide their address. Throughout the course, the women took turns practicing this crucial skill.

 In addition to mastering the basics, the group had a chance to learn practical skills as well. Together the women practiced safely removing dirty gloves, using an epi-pen, how to help choking victims, and ways to help with breathing emergencies. The women learned each new skill with lots of laugher and smiles as they enjoyed connecting with each other and learning skills that could potentially save the life of a loved one.