You're Hired! Mustafa Juma, II

Mustafa Juma, II, knows firsthand how hard works pays off. He first came to the U.S. in April 2013 and later began his work as a dishwasher at a Marriott Hotel where he was quickly promoted to working in a banquet set-up and serving position. Reluctantly, Mustafa had to leave this job when he moved to a different part of town, and his employer was disappointed to see him go.

After working with the Marriott, Mustafa accepted a job with ERMC Janitorial at Cherry Creek Mall. He worked with ERMC for 6 months, and over the course of his employment was promoted to supervising a team of 8 employees. Mustafa had to leave this job after the company sold out and laid off all of their employees.

Mustafa’s job search led him to a hip new Denver pizza joint, Cart-Driver, near the bustling LoDo neighborhood. Cart-Driver was looking for an employee who was dynamic, could work in a cohesive team, and build off of the abilities of co-workers. The position is responsible for doing everything from serving and making pizza to participating in weekly meetings to discuss revenues, costs, ways to improve the company, and outreach. Mustafa landed an interview with Cart-Driver, and immediately hit it off with the interviewer. His answers were sharp, and he never missed a beat. Inevitably, he was hired, and has quickly became an integral part of Cart-Driver’s team, making a great impression on his co-workers from his first day on the job!