Mohamed at the Maven

Mohamad Alnouri arrived from Syria on February 8th, 2017, and I (Barbara, ACC Job Developer) started working with him the first week of March. Mohamad did not speak English or understand the language so his mother translated everything for him. 

Mohamad's personality, however, radiated even without speaking any English. He had, from the very beginning, an incredible attitude toward life and a jovial personality. I started searching for employment opportunities for him and after discussing his preferences, we decided he would apply at the Maven, a new luxury hotel in LoDo.

Mohamad interviewed for a houseman position. Since his English was limited, the housekeeper manager asked him if he was instead willing to start as a room attendant, and Mohamad agreed. He started working as a room attendant in mid-March. Just two short months later, he was nominated as “Employee of the Month”, as well as “Student of the Month” at Emily Griffith Technical College, where he attends English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. His supervisors love him, and Mohamad is well-liked among his colleagues throughout the hotel. Mohamad was quickly promoted into the houseman position, and his supervisor said that Mohamad will go far in the hospitality industry if he decides to continue along this career path.