Designing Women: A Cross-Cultural Collaboration remains a huge success for refugee artisans!

Our second We Made This gala was an immense success! We were honored to showcase the hard work and dedication of each of our refugee artisans who contributed countless hours to the event’s success and impact.

One of our distinguished guests, Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynne, expressed that, as an immigrant, she fully understands that there are countless boundaries when integrating into a foreign culture. "Though I didn't have an immense language barrier, I felt the struggle of learning the way of life in America." Lynne's dedication to supporting the immigrant and refugee communities in Denver has been so overwhelmingly helpful in increasing public knowledge of how to contribute to programs like We Made This.

 Mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock, echoed Lynne’s notation of commitment to the refugee community in Denver. He reinforced his dedication to ensuring that Denver remains a city of refuge for all who seek it. 

Ultimately, the gala’s success also lies on all of our gracious donors and attendees who made this year’s event such a special time to band together as one united community. We raised more than $35,000 to support the We Made This program. We thank you all for your immense support and devotion to such an important night!

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