Community Member of the Month: Souraya

ACC Staff Voters had this to say about ACC's Community Member of the Month: "Souraya is one of our community members who constantly exhibits determination, kindness, and a positive attitude. She came to the US in 2015 with her mother Siama. Together they faced a lot of challenges adjusting to the US and finding employment. In 2016 when she was only 19 years old, her mother was involved in a car accident that left her unable to work, and Souraya took on the responsibilities for being the primary provider for her household. She has taken on this role with grace and positivity and has retained the same job for almost two years so she can manage expenses for herself and her mother. She also provides a lot of assistance to her mother during those times she requires interpretation or needs help understanding something. Each time Souraya comes in to the office, she is patient, understanding, and kind to everyone she meets. Even though she has had to take on a lot of responsibility at such a young age, her determination and positive attitude have never wavered."