ACC’s We Made This (WMT) initiative is designed to provide opportunities for economic growth and a social network to provide integration support. We Made This offers a safe and multicultural environment that empowers refugee's through the development of sewing skills, decision-making, and social integration. WMT provides 12 weeks of employment skills training in a well-equipped studio and gathering space. While the program is structured around developing and strengthening sewing and communication skills, participants also benefit from hands-on production, familiarization of business needs, community events and sales, and social connections due to the constant social interaction with competent bilingual and culturally sensitive staff, volunteer groups, interns, and business partnerships.

Skill development in We Made This includes:

Job Search and Workplace Culture

  • Expressing preference and confidence in making choices
  • Committing to a work schedule and being on time
  • Cross-cultural competency in a workplace setting

Professional Sewing Skills

  • Following patterns
  • Basic household and industrial straight-stitch sewing machine knowledge
  • Experience working with different types of fabrics (burlap, leather, canvas, etc.)
  • Using an iron
  • Hand-sewing
  • Sewing on buttons and zippers
  • Color-matching threads and fabrics

Number of Participants (Oct 2014 – Sept 2015): 55