Community Orientation (CO) provides newly-arrived refugees with an orientation to life in the Denver metro area. Through a welcoming and safe learning environment, participants are prepared to achieve self-sufficiency more quickly by making independent economic, social, and cultural contributions to the communities in which they live. A positive CO experience provides the foundation for an improved transition to American life and faster connections with networks of people, services, and community activities that contribute to successful integration. 

Key focus areas covered in CO include:

  • The Role of the African Community Center Refugee Resettlement Agency

  • Basic U. S. Laws

  • Education

  • Using Emergency Services and Emergency Responses

  • Employment

  • Health and Hygiene Basics

  • Housing

  • Public Assistance

  • Transportation

In the first trimester (Feb. – May 2015):
100% of enrolled participants completed the CO program
90% of participants completed CO within 90 days after arrival to the United States

Participants served since the program started in February 2015: 166