Integration Programs

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We Made This

We Made This is a employment skills training program for refugees. WMT provides 12 week introductory, intermediate, and artisan sewing classes structured around developing and strengthening sewing and communication skills, hands-on production, and familiarization of business needs. We Made This is targeted specifically at low-integrator refugees who face many barriers to integration into our Denver Community.  WMT produces bags and accessories, with 55% of sales going to the person that made the good. 

East Colfax Youth Center

Our mission at East Colfax Youth Center is to support and prepare refugee and immigrant youth in navigating new sociocultural, economic, academic, and personal landscapes while providing these young leaders with a sense of community and belonging. East Colfax Youth Center believes in supporting and inspiring young newcomers, who may be refugees or youth with other immigrant backgrounds, to become outstanding young leaders in their communities. All of our resources, initiatives and programs recognize the unique position that refugee and immigrant youth may find themselves in.

Photo Courtesy of John Abrhamson

Photo Courtesy of John Abrhamson


Ready for American Hospitality

Ready for American Hospitality (RAH) is a collaborative training program the University of Denver (DU) and ACC

Refugee students are paired with students from DU’s Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management’s Human Capital Management course. The DU students and refugee students establish a mentor/protégé relationship as they meet twice per week. The RAH protégés gain knowledge, skills, and experience working in the food service industry while gaining a better understanding of work culture and expectations in the U.S. This ultimately leads to employment opportunities and additional nurturing throughout the integration process.