Our mission at ACC Youth Programs is to support and prepare refugee and immigrant youth in navigating new sociocultural, economic, academic, and personal landscapes while providing these young leaders with a sense of community and belonging. ACC Youth Programs believes in supporting and inspiring young new comers, who may be refugees or youth with other immigrant backgrounds, to become outstanding young leaders in their communities. All of our resources, initiatives and programs recognize the unique position that refugee and immigrant youth may find themselves in.

The ACC Youth Program has two primary goals. First, it is imperative for our programs and initiatives to ensure the future upward mobility of refugee youth as they transition into a different cultural context. Many of ACC’s youth programs build communities of individuals who come together to achieve healthy and sustainable goals for themselves and their communities. With this in mind, our second goal is to incorporate resources that provide a variety of leadership and character development activities that respond directly to the diverse identities of the refugee youth population in the Denver Metro area.

Finally, ACC Youth Programs plays an important, and very unique role critically understanding what these sustainable lives may mean and look like for every individual engaged in our programs services.