ACC serves refugees of varying English levels, education backgrounds, work histories and career goals, however they all share certain traits; they tend to be highly motivated employees. Our Job Developers work with employers to meet their staffing needs with our qualified refugee candidates, while also working to match the skills and experiences of each refugee candidate with a good job. 

There are many benefits to hiring refugees, including: 

Refugees are Work Authorized: Refugees are fully authorized to work immediately upon arrival in the United States, and their work authorization does not have an expiration date. Additionally, they have been extensively background checked before arriving in the U.S. 

Excellent Work Ethic: Refugees are a resilient population. They tend to be extremely hard working, eager to learn new skills and rebuild their lives in their new city. They are motivated to achieve economic stability for their families. 

Tax Incentives: Your business could qualify for certain tax credits and training incentives when you employ those receiving public assistance. Contact us for more information on the Workforce Investment Act. 

Diverse Skills and Experience: Refugees have a wide variety of work experience and skills. Many are well-educated and were professionals and small business owners before coming to the U.S. Their knowledge, skills, and abilities coupled with strong work ethics and willingness to learn are qualities that U.S. employers seek for their workforce.  Our Job Developers work to match the skills and experiences of each refugee candidate with an appropriate job. 

Promotes Community: Hiring refugees not only assists them on their path to self-sufficiency in the United States, it adds diversity and richness to the workforce and ultimately to the community at large. 

ACC's Support: ACC clients participate in Cultural Orientation and Job Readiness class where they learn the expectations of American workplace culture. Additionally, ACC helps to facilitate the hiring process, assisting with applications and new-hire paperwork as well as coordinating interviews. ACC will also provide a translator if necessary, for any interview, orientation or job training. Employers are encouraged to reach out to ACC to resolve any communication issue that might arise.