Success Stories

At ACC, we strive to recognize staff members, volunteers, and community members that go above and beyond to succeed. We are inspired by you and we are thankful for everything you do to support our community!

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Staff Member

of the month

Emily Rader is a loving person who exceeds the expectations of her role at East Colfax Youth Center (ECYC). She creates new systems, finds better ways to complete tasks, embraces different communication styles and leads with strength. Emily has the gift of hospitality. She wants people to know intentional space has been made for them, their time is honored, and they are respected as human beings. She demonstrates goodness and kindness through clear and realistic expectations. Emily does not just help the youth. She empowers and encourages them to be the best of who they already are. It is a pleasure nominating Emily for Team Member of the Month. Thank you Emily for all you do for ECYC!

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of the month

Max Mershon is a gem of a volunteer (and person). After years of volunteering with the East Colfax Youth Center (ECYC) and helping run field trips and tutoring youth, he switched gears and began meeting with a small group of students at ECYC over the summer to teach them basic photo/video editing skills. Students were thrilled to learn and expand their knowledge in this area. Their response was so eager that Max is creating his own weekly workshop in conjunction with the After-School Program to allow more youth to access these skills. He is the epitome of the best in volunteering: imaginative, thoughtful, creative, and present. Thank you, Max!


Community member

of the month

There are hundreds of reasons to nominate Judithe . Since arriving in the US in 2015, Judithe has thrown herself into learning and growth. She's been a regular member of the East Colfax Youth Center's community for years, served as a mentor to younger resettled refugee students in the 2018-19 school year, and remains dedicated to advancing in school and life. In the last year, Judithe has held a part-time job and recently saved enough to purchase her first car. She is feisty, brilliant, funny, kind, and insightful - and she's going places. Cheers to this rising star!