Success Stories

At ACC, we strive to recognize staff members, volunteers, and community members that go above and beyond to succeed. We are inspired by you and we are thankful for everything you do to support our community!


Staff Member

of the month

Liya Tesfazghi is a light in our community. She consistently goes above and beyond to create warm and welcoming spaces for community members and coworkers alike. She maintains a calm demeanor even when things get hectic or stressful, and she has been a trusted confidant and leader within the East Colfax Youth Center for two years. Liya is dependable, creative, brave, and hilarious. Most importantly, she treats everyone around her with equal respect and dignity - a true example for all. Thank you, Liya!



of the month

Amiel Bandora has shown himself to be a dedicated member of the ACC family in a variety of capacities. As a new community member he arrived in Colorado in 2015 with responsibilities to care for his niece. He took advantage of every opportunity- training classes and programs, and quickly found employment. Since that time, he has been an integral part of the ACC family. He has volunteered and interned, getting experience in a variety of ACC departments. But what he is known most for is his consistent dedication to helping new arrivals adjust to life in Colorado. He knows what it is like to be new in Denver, and his resettlement experience is his greatest asset. He now spends countless hours with families teaching practical life skills. He truly desires for refugees to be successful and integrate into the community. His newest involvement is honing his previous teaching skills by teaching Community Orientation. Amiel is a true asset to the ACC family, as well as the great Colorado community and we are thankful to have him!

Bisimwa family.jpg

Community member

of the month

The Bisimwa Family of 8 is a picture of resettlement success. Within a few months, all 8 members of the family began working, including the high school student. The two daughters completed a CNA course in pursuit of future careers in the medical field. The entire family has gotten involved in the greater community, made close friends, and found opportunities to explore the city and state. Regardless of the challenges they face, the family demonstrates a joyful and humble spirit in all they do. They work hard, are dependable, and have future dreams they are pursuing.