Success Stories

At ACC, we strive to recognize staff members, volunteers, and community members that go above and beyond to succeed. We are inspired by you and we are thankful for everything you do to support our community!

Shervonne Staff Member of the Month May.jpg

Staff Member

of the month

Shervonne Johnson is a fierce advocate and steady presence for community members in the FSS program. She is the model of tough love: speaking truth, providing realistic expectations, and delivering hard news, but always doing it in a way that gives value and dignity, and lets community members know they aren't facing difficult life situations alone. Due to her tenure at ACC, she is also a source of wisdom. She does it all with a smile on her face, but just enough sass to keep everyone laughing.

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of the month

Kate Formeller has really grown into her role at ACC, proving to be a steady presence and a dedicated coworker. Although she has specific job duties, she seems to be everywhere, helping with everything, as she consistently goes above and beyond. She rolls with the punches, shows great flexibility, and laughs at the ridiculous situations she sometimes finds herself in through no fault of her own. She interacts with volunteers and is a great face of ACC- friendly, hard working, and willing to get her hands dirty!

Sana CM of the Month May.JPG

Community member

of the month

Sana Paktinyar is intelligent, hard-working, kind-hearted, and inspiring. She finished her first semester of high school with straight A’s. She attends East Colfax Youth Center’s tutoring program without complaint or hesitation, even when it is cold and rainy. Her smile is infectious and she is willing to work with anyone. She loves English but excels in every subject. She continuously exemplifies kindness and is a role model for all. Thank you, Sana , for being an incredible student and human being!