We Made This

We Made This is a social enterprise that provides psycho-social integration, skills training, and supplementary income for refugees.

ACC’s We Made This (WMT) is an employment skills training program for refugees. WMT provides 12 week introductory, intermediate, and artisan sewing classes structured around developing and strengthening sewing and communication skills, hands-on production, and familiarization of business needs. We Made This is targeted specifically at low-integrator refugees who face many barriers to integration into our Denver Community.  WMT produces bags and accessories, with 55% of sales going to the person that made the good. 

The outcome of WMT is multi-faceted:

  • Increased social interaction and feelings of belonging and inclusion
  • ESL training and increased English-language competency
  • Skill set development
  • Workforce readiness training with a pathway to employment
  • Increased supplementary income