East Colfax Youth Center

(Community for Individuals, Teens, and Youth)

East Colfax Youth Center is an after-school community center that provides refugee and immigrant youth, ages 14 to 24, with a sense of community. ECYC originated by students, for students and has proudly created supportive programs and initiatives that offer students an opportunity to excel academically and with the aspiration of becoming our future community leaders.

Our Mission

To support refugee and immigrant youth in navigating new socio-cultural, economic, academic, and personal landscapes while providing these young leaders with a sense of community and belonging. ACC's East Colfax Youth Center provides a variety of leadership and character development activities, inspiring young newcomers to become outstanding leaders in their communities.  


Our Programs

Tutoring in Teams

Tutoring in Teams is a multi-generational and multicultural initiative that promotes academic achievement and success. By training and utilizing tutors of various ages and backgrounds, we strive to build positive and supportive relationships with our youth and break down barriers. Every Monday through Thursday there will be a team of tutors waiting to assist high school and college students with any homework or project needs. Ranging from math, science, history, civics, and English, our tutors are there to empower students through academic support. Tutoring also serves as a pathway to mentorship. Together, the students and tutors create a safe space that not only enhances cultural awareness but also encourages lifelong learning.

Refugee Youth Programs


(Training  for Refugees  Accessing College)    

In 2013, ACC's Youth Program created and developed a culturally relevant college access program called OnTRAC (Training Refugees Accessing College). For many refugee youth, navigating new social and academic environments while keeping up with their responsibilities at home can be overwhelming. OnTRAC offers college literacy lessons, while honoring the identities, experiences and strengths of refugee youth.

OnTrac is a 7-­week intensive program focusing on financial, career, and educational  planning, leadership and character development, and service learning for 11th and 12th grade refugee students. Our unique curriculum invites students to enter conversations regarding identity, community, and their experiences of migration while building leadership skills. For more information please contact; caitlin@acc-den.org

Photo Courtesy of John Abrahmson

Photo Courtesy of John Abrahmson

Photo Courtesy of John Abrahmson

Photo Courtesy of John Abrahmson

Refugee Leaders Scholarship  (RLS)

RLS is a 10 week leadership  training program for exceptional refugee high school senior planning to attend college. The program requires  participants to think critically about their values and biases while building a foundation of leaderships skills the carry them through college. Upon completion of the program, each student is awarded a $1,000 scholarship to use toward tuition or educational expenses.    

Photo Courtesy of John Abrahmson

Photo Courtesy of John Abrahmson

Soccer with Saha

Every Thursday and Friday Saha, our outstanding, talented soccer coach and Off-Site Youth Coordinator, coaches soccer practice for our co-ed East Colfax Youth Center soccer team. Every Sunday they attend games, competing against various, community-built teams. Soccer is not just a sport it is a way of life. Many of our young adults play soccer morning, noon, and night and have ever since they were young. Soccer brings people together from all over the world and serves as an avenue for lasting, cross-cultural friendships.

“Soccer is a way to get away, be happy, and make friends while playing something you love. When you play soccer you forget about your problems and everything that is happening around you." - Saha Idriss