Guide. Grow. Thrive.

The East Colfax Youth Center offers multicultural connection, academic assistance, and life skills support to youth as they navigate their transition to adulthood.

We believe that people flourish in the spaces that they feel most seen, respected, and loved, which is why we’ve poured our energy into co-creating a center with our youth where they don’t just have access to resources, but can also develop transformational relationships. Our youth don’t need “help” or “fixing,” but we delight in offering a place where they can wholeheartedly be themselves and find that they are accepted, celebrated, and encouraged. We are convinced that the more we cultivate places where everyone finds equality, connection, and belonging, the more we’ll discover that we’re all rising higher and further than we ever thought possible - together.

We are proudly centered in the East Colfax neighborhood of Aurora, a place that beautifully represents the intersectionality and cultural diversity that we strive for in our Center, and welcome all who wish to join us in our mission to become more respectful and kind versions of ourselves.

Our Values


We know we’re not all the same, and we’re proud of that. We choose to listen to each other, ask questions to increase our understanding, and give each other time and space when it is needed.


Life never stops moving forward, and neither do we. We are committed to trying new things, being hopeful, and not being held back by the possibility of failure.


Life is boring only if you are not paying close enough attention. We love ideas, exploration, and understanding how we are connected to ourselves, our families, our communities, our countries, and our world.


Being kind to ourselves helps us learn to be kind to others. We value taking care of ourselves, encouraging others, not holding grudges, and learning to work together to create places of safety and love.

Our Programs

After-school program

The After-School Program is the “hub” of the East Colfax Youth Center: where students can build history and create a sense of safety and place while having access to free tutoring, snacks, and community connection.

Photo Courtesy of John Abramson

Photo Courtesy of John Abramson

Family dinner

We believe that sharing food together at the same table is the great equalizer in life, uniting people from different places and with different life experiences in an activity that we all appreciate and value: eating! Every night, we pause to sit around a table and share a simple meal and conversation. This often is one of the highlights of our evenings together - a place where staff, volunteers, and youth come together and deepen their relationships.

Photo Courtesy of John Abramson

Photo Courtesy of John Abramson

ambassadors program

The Ambassadors Program (previously Refugee Leaders Scholarship) is a 10-week leadership program for high school seniors designed to grow their leadership skills, engage with their biases, and develop their communication skills while earning a scholarship.

Photo Courtesy of John Abramson

Photo Courtesy of John Abramson

Photo Courtesy of John Abramson

Photo Courtesy of John Abramson

Tutoring in Teams

Each night a team of intergenerational, multicultural tutors assist students with their academic needs, building close relationships with students during tutoring sessions and becoming a vital part of our culture of kinship and family.


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OnTrac is a 7-week intensive program focusing on financial, career, and educational planning, while honoring the identities, experiences, and strengths of tenth and eleventh grade students. Our unique curriculum invites students to enter conversations regarding identity, community, and their experiences while building leadership skills.

Refugee Youth Programs

Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP)

The Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP) is a peer-mentoring program for our refugee/first-generation college-bound students that pairs recent high school graduates with alumni who have successfully completed at least one year in college.