Youth Programs

Our mission at ACC Youth Programs is to support and prepare refugee and immigrant youth in navigating new sociocultural, economic, academic, and personal landscapes while providing these young leaders with a sense of community and belonging. ACC Youth Programs believes in supporting and inspiring young newcomers, who may be refugees or youth with other immigrant backgrounds, to become outstanding young leaders in their communities. All of our resources, initiatives and programs recognize the unique position that refugee and immigrant youth may find themselves in.

Our Goals

provide leadership and character development activities

ensure the future upward mobility of refugee youth 


Our Programs

International City

International City

International CITY (Community of Individuals, Teens and Youth) is an after-school program that provides newly arrived refugee and immigrant youth with a sense of community. International CITY originated by students, for students and has proudly created supportive programs and initiatives that offer students an opportunity to excel in their new communities. At International CITY individuals come together to achieve healthy and sustainable goals for themselves and their communities. International CITY houses a robust set of supportive programs that provide a variety of leadership and character development activities that respond directly to the diverse identities of the refugee youth population in the Denver Metro area.

International CITY is located in 1609 Havana St, Aurora, CO 80010. We’re open Monday –Thursday from 4pm-8pm, and 4pm-7pm during daylight savings. For more information please contact:



In 2013, ACC's Youth Program created and developed a culturally relevant college access program called OnTRAC (Training Refugees Accessing College). For many refugee youth, navigating new social and academic environments while keeping up with their responsibilities at home can be overwhelming. OnTRAC offers college literacy lessons, while honoring the identities, experiences and strengths of refugee youth.

OnTRAC has successfully identified and addressed the implicit and explicit boundaries affecting how differently refugee youth engage in educational spaces and how complex accessing college may be for them. The workshops provide a space for our students to share their experiences and identify and access their individual skills as sources of learning and growth. Our unique curriculum invites students to enter conversations regarding identity, community, and their experiences of migration. Leadership skills are taught to help students increase their competence levels while receiving support getting enrolled in college and accessing financial aid. For more information please contact;


Career Counseling

Career Discovery is a year-long program that provides advice and support for students who are interested in entering a profession. Our Young Adult Career Counselor position liaises between different workforce centers in surrounding counties to expand career opportunities to a variety of students. Career Discovery provides dynamic and structured resources throughout the year that facilitate an understanding of resumes, cover letter and references, and different work environments. We place the passion of each student at the center of the career pursuit process in order to help students capitalize on personal and professional skills, attitude and knowledge. Career Discovery frequently joins with OnTRAC to hold powerful college presentations and career panels designed to expand each student’s horizons. For more information please contact;


Youth 4 Youth

ACC Youth Program is proud to present our first cross-age multicultural peer mentoring program. Youth 4 Youth is an initiative to provide culturally competent mentoring relationships for newly arrived refugee youth. At the core of Youth 4 Youth is the mission to provide the mentee with a first friend that understands the nuanced challenges that come from interacting with new roles and responsibilities of a new country. While many refugee youth naturally gravitate towards peers with similar languages or cultural backgrounds, there is a significant gap in support and resources provided by schools, parents, and other refugee service providers.

Imagine not being able to communicate your needs and wants because of the language you have yet to learn. Many newly arrived refugees struggle immensely with advocating for themselves and for their families. Youth 4 Youth Mentoring Program connects newly arrived refugee students with a mentor of similar background and refugee status in a safe supportive environment. Youth 4 Provide culturally appropriate mentoring relationships for newly arrived refugee youth who are struggling to adjust to their new American communities. For more information please contact;