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Making an Immediate Impact

We have been so encouraged by your ongoing support during these difficult times. Thank you for continuing to stand strong as a welcoming community!

There are several things you can do today to make an immediate impact on the U.S. refugee resettlement program and our ECDC ACC team:

  1. Sign up for ECDC ACC's newsletter (at the bottom of and for our advocacy group. And, "like us" on Facebook.
  2. Call our 2 Colorado Senators, ask where they stand, tell them where you stand, and ask them to start the process in Congress to repeal the Executive Order.  Do the same with your representative.
  3. Watch Facebook as community advocates share events for meeting at elected officials' offices on pages such as Colorado Welcomes Refugees. You as an individual citizen can also go anytime and ask elected officials to meet with you. Tell them why refugees are so important to you and to America.
  4. Write letters to our elected officials. Tell them why you care and ask them to repeal the Executive Order.
  5. Let us know if you're interested in providing some comforting food for ECDC ACC clients and staff around the office this week as an encouragement.
  6. Share any and all of this with your friends, near and far. Every voice is critical!

What We Do


From arrival to self-sufficiency, our team is there to support refugee families every step of the way.

Social Enterprises

From arrival to self-sufficiency, our team is there to support refugee families every step of the way.

Youth Programs

We help develop and empower young leaders to positively impact their futures, families, and the community. 

How You Can Help

Get Involved

Whatever your skills or interests we have an opportunity for you to Join us as we build a welcoming community with our newest neighbors.


Whether a financial contribution or an in-kind donation, your support makes our work possible. 

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Latest News

The African Community Center hosted its 11th annual Thanksgiving dinner for refugees. It may have been the largest one yet.
— November 24th, 2016
The feast included traditional dishes like turkey and stuffing but also popular foods from the refugees’ home countries.
— November 23rd, 2016