Intern at ACC

The African Community Center is always on the lookout for new energy and support for our work and community. Interns play a key role in helping us further our mission to help refugees rebuild safe, sustainable lives in Denver through supportive networks of people, services, and community activities. Each intern adds new richness and ideas to our community, contributing their past experience, ambition and passion.

During an intern’s time with us, they will:

  • Grow as individuals, personally and professionally

  • Become stronger advocates for the community we are a part of and the individuals with whom we work

  • Build greater connections and exchanges between individuals

  • Gain new perspectives and skills through their time spent in a diverse community setting

How To Apply

If you are interested in an internship with ACC, please read the intern opportunity descriptions below and identify the positions that are the best fit for your interests and skills.  Then complete the following steps:

  1. Email a resume highlighting your education, work, and volunteer experience as well as a cover letter explaining what attracts you to ACC and our community, why you're a good fit, and the three most valuable things you believe you bring and will contribute to our community to the Volunteer Coordinator at

  2. Once the Volunteer Coordinator receives your cover letter and resume, s/he will contact you to set up an interview.

SPring 2020 Internships