Ready for

American Hospitality 


Ready for American Hospitality (RAH) is a collaborative training program between the University of Denver (DU) and ACC.


Refugee students are paired with students from DU’s Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality management (Knoebel) Human Capital Management course. The DU students and refugee students establish a mentor/protégé relationship as they meet twice per week. The RAH protégés gain knowledge, skills, and experience working in the food service industry while gaining a better understanding of work culture and expectations in the U.S. This ultimately leads to employment opportunities and additional nurturing throughout the integration process. 

  • The average hourly wage for RAH graduates: $13.45

  • The percent of RAH graduates employed within 30 days of graduation: 87%

RAH Graduate Stories: 

Ibrahim, Melke, and Eliphaz Kenge

The Kenge brothers participated in RAH in early 2017. They each found positions with Skyport at Denver International Airport. Since being hired they have each received multiple wage increases and job upgrades. Ibrahim is now a kitchen supervisor at Aviator Restaurant.

Mu Peh Tun:

Immediately after graduating from RAH in spring of 2015, Mu Peh Tun gained employment as a cook at National Jewish Hospital. She continues to work at National Jewish and regularly participates in efforts to raise refugee awareness. 


Amiel came to ACC from Nairobi. After graduating from RAH, he gained employment in the hospitality industry. In 2017, he was recognized by Stonebridge Companies with the Quarterly Distinguished Hospitality Award for embodying the pillars of the company's mission. Amiel now volunteers at ACC and speaks at RAH events.

RAH Student Serving Food