The African Community Center is always on the lookout for new energy and support for our work and community. Interns play a key role in helping us further our mission to help refugees rebuild safe, sustainable lives in Denver through supportive networks of people, services, and community activities. 

We strongly value the investment of our interns. Interns bolster our capacity immeasurably, enabling us to achieve far more than we otherwise could.

Each intern adds new richness and ideas to our community, contributing their past experience, ambition and passion. During an intern’s time with us, they will:

  • Grow as individuals, personally and professionally

  • Become deeper advocates for the community we are a part of and the individuals with whom we work

  • Build greater connections and exchange between individuals

  • Gain new perspectives and skills through their time spent in a diverse community setting

The African Community Center offers a variety of ways interns can get involved with our organization and the people, families, and communities with whom we partner. Internships may be demanding or even uncomfortable at times, yet there is much to gain through these experiences. Internships at ACC will never be the same from one day to another. What you can expect is that you will consistently come into contact with and gain unique perspectives from a variety of individuals from varying places, cultures, languages, religions, abilities, ethnicities, generations, sexual orientations, genders, beliefs, traditions, and customs. As an intern, you will gain one-of-a-kind insight into the work ACC does within and surrounding our community.  
At ACC, we value the voices and contributions of each member of the community, meaning we value you and your contributions.  As we help our refugee community members rebuild their lives in Denver, we value the fact that we are all learning together and increasing the potential and strength of the individuals throughout the community. If you are ready to make a commitment to our mission, our values, and our vision at ACC, we are ready to warmly welcome you. 



  • Internship Terms last 4 months or longer. Internship terms may overlap with school terms and thus are broken into fall (September start), spring (January start), and summer terms (May/June Start).

  • Internships are unpaid.

  • Internships require a minimum of 12-15 hours per week, unless agreed upon otherwise.

  • Please discuss with the Internship Coordinator prior to beginning your internship.

  • All interns are required to submit background checks and sign all documents prior to beginning of their internship.

  • All interns must attend a general orientation as well as an intern training .



Please follow the links to read more about each internship position. ACC will work with each interested individual to find the best position based on interest and organizational needs and capacity. Applicants may be considered for all possible positions.










If you are interested in an internship with ACC, please read the intern opportunity descriptions below and identify the positions that are the best fit for your interests and skills.  Then complete the following steps:

  1. Fill out the Intern Application Form.

  2. Email a resume highlighting your education, work, and volunteer experience as well as a cover letter explaining what attracts you to ACC and our community, why you're a good fit, and the three most valuable things you believe you bring and will contribute to our community to the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@acc-den.org.

  3. Once the Volunteer Coordinator receives your application, cover letter and resume, s/he will contact you to set up an interview.